Actor Resume

Natalia * Reagan

Snow Entertainment- L.J.Stevens, Manager                                                            
Personal: 310.994.0740                                                                                          

The TODAY Show                                                                       Self (Anthropologist)
Fox News Edge                                                                           Self (Anthropologist)
Better Off Ted                                                                              Co-star                                                     Michael Fresco
My Name is Earl                                                                          Co-star                                                     Craig Zisk
Providence                                                                                  Recurring                                                  Michael Fresco
Welcome to the Jungle Gym                                                       Co-star                                                    John Pasquin
Drew Carey Show                                                                        Co-star                                                    Gerry Cohen
Freaks and Geeks                                                                        Co-star                                                    Paul Feig
Everybody Loves Raymond                                                         Co-star                                                     Will Mackenzie
The Parent Hood                                                                        Co-star                                                      Robert  Townsend
Playback                                                                                    Guest Star                                                 VH1

The Story of Boobs                                                                     Lead                                                         Natalia Reagan
Butt Week                                                                                   Lead                                                         Natalia Reagan
Sally Loves Billy                                                                           Lead                                                         Nathan Pata
The Key                                                                                       Lead                                                         Jason Decker
PETZ                                                                                           Lead                                                         Douglas Equils
The Hitlist                                                                                    Featured                                                   Minh Collins
Sex Drive                                                                                    Featured                                                    Sean Anders

Radio Appearances
Playboy Morning Radio show                                                     Self (Anthropologist)
The Jay Thomas Show                                                               Self (Anthropologist)
NPR It’s Your Health                                                                   Self (Anthropologist)

The Bad Place                                                                           Robbi                                                          The Eclectic Theatre*
Bitter Barbarella                                                                         Barbarella                                                    Unknown Theatre
The Omelettes Improv Troupe                                                    Comic                                                          The Hub Theatre
Beyond Therapy                                                                        Prudence                                                     The Working Stage
Passion II                                                                                   Jesus                                                           UC Irvine

On-Camera                                                                               Lyle Kanouse                                                The Study Hall
Comedy Intensive                                                                     Kari Kurto                                                      AIA Studios
Cold Reading                                                                            Melissa Skoff C.S.A.                                     Steve Eastin Studio
Improv                                                                                      Steven Pierce                                                The Groundlings
Advance Acting                                                                        Alan Rosenberg                                             UCLA
Jazz Dance 1,2                                                                        Clifford Breeland                                             UC Irvine
Musical Theatre                                                                        Dennis Castellano                                          UC Irvine

Special Skills
*  Anthropologist/primatologist  (MA & BA) with emphasis on primate conservation and biological anthropology
* Tracking monkeys (experience with spider monkeys, capuchins and mantled howlers)
*  Writing, producing, and directing experience
*  Extensive improv and sketch (performing and writing) experience
*  Martial Arts (Brown Belt in Chosen Ryu, a mix of Kempo and kickboxing, I can break boards) and boxing
*  Jazz, Interpretive, and Modern dance
*  Soccer, hiking, jogging, thinking (inside and outside the box), swimming, great with animals and kids
Local Hire:  Atlanta, New York, Albuquerque, Savannah, Orlando

Languages and Dialects
Conversational French, Spanish
Accents: Southern (Georgia, Texas, Kentucky), British accent, Russian, Eastern European, valley girl, various character voices, monkey calls (capuchins, spider monkeys, howlers) and JIVE!

*Winning show of Hurricane Season 2007

Reel Available Upon Request