Gerry Cohen, director, “Married With Children,” “The Drew Carey Show”
“Wow…I’m impressed. You were the only actor in the theatre this evening who got it exactly right. And by that I mean you were completely believable, first and foremost; entirely true in feel; terrifically and naturally engaging; fully and organically involved in the scene; and you wrung every drop of drama and comedy there was to be had out of the material–without ever going so far as an inch over the line.”
(A note from Mr. Cohen after seeing Natalia perform in “The Bad Place”)

Jon Amiel, director and writer, “Creation,” “The Tudors
“Natalia is a burgeoning force of nature who’s currently breaking down the barriers between scientific enquiry and populist entertainment. She’s that rarest of poly-hyphenates: an anthropologist/primatologist /actor/comedienne/writer.

Carrie Carnevale, director, “Beside Her”
“To simply say Natalia Reagan is an Anthropologist/Comedienne/Actress and leave it at that is saying you really don’t know her.  She’s scientific, yes.  Intellectual, yes.  She’ll make you laugh until you pee your pants…most likely yes. Or at the very least, leave you with a very big grin on your face.  A well-informed grin. Natalia educates through different forms of media, enhancing the viewers’ knowledge in regard to a multitude of subject matters.”

Craig Robinson, actor, “The Office,” “The Peeples”
“That. Was. Awesome. You are hysterical!! And educational. So glad you shared. My favorite is the look when you’re caught your Kong shrine.”
(Mr. Robinson’s response after seeing “Valentine’s Day”)