Natalia Reagan Hosting Reel 2018
As the creator and host of the web series, “Science! It’s Your Friend,” Natalia has a crucial message for you:  Just say NO to pet monkeys!  Watch and learn about the perils of pet primate primates…
Who is Natalia Reagan?
Natalia Reagan’s Comedy and Drama Combo Reel!
Comedy is one of the best ways to assimilate knowledge, so Natalia decided it was time to tackle testicular cancer awareness using humor. Here is an example of her ballsy comedic writing style.
Natalia uses her inimitable style in this video to encourage women to have fun with their boobs as a way to detect early signs of cancer.
A Holiday Message! Be Excellent to One Another
Pheromones don’t lie… or do they? Anthropologist Natalia Reagan takes on nature’s natural perfume and reveals how you can literally huff out a good mate. Sex doesn’t just sell, it’s smells…
The Story of Boobs: The Breast Tale Ever Told
Butt Week Number Two: With Liberty and Just Ass For All
Science! It’s Your Friend: Why Can’t You Open Windows On Airplanes?
Want proof that Natalia Reagan can hold her own on daytime television? Here she is discussing America’s obsession about tatas with Ann Curry on the TODAY Show.  To see the video that landed her this titillating opportunity, click the image above.
Science! It’s Your Friend: Chill the F*ck Out
Science! It’s Your Friend: Meet The OTHER Elephant In The Room… Climate Change!
Geek Speak: The First Debate
Love Your Butt
Kim Kardashian’s Butt X-Ray: The Bootie-Full Truth